Answers to FAQs

  • 1. Who are We ( ?
  • Ans. We are small Group of People, acting as Medium for Common Public in getting Rental Agreement at their door-step. Our Team consists of Internet Partners, Authorized Service Providers (ASP) and Distributors working closely to make the things done seamlessly and at cheapest possible price. More Details on price..

    Normal Process for Such Document:
    Broker -> Traffic -> Parking -> Queue; i.e. Find Broker for Documentation, Go all through Traffic, struggle for Parking at Government Offices, then may face Queue Issues Rental Agreement - Normal Process
    What We are Doing:
    Changing Many to Few. We will perform documentation, print it on stamp duty, take seal and signature and then Courier it at your Doorstep. Our Member will act as representative for all of our customers to get the e-stamp and signatures from Sub-Registrar.
    Rental Agreement - Our Motto

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  • 5. What if I already have Template ?
  • Ans. If you already have your own template, then fill the form with "other agreement(Misc)" Field as "My Template"; and Email the Template to

  • 7. How Actually Rental-Agreement.In Works ?
  • Ans. Once Details are received from Customers (via. Online, Email or Distributors), It Documents the Content, if not already. Verifies the Data & Spelling and then Queue(s) the Print for Stamp Paper(Rs 2). Once Document is Ready, it takes the Document to Sub-Registrar Office and get it e-Stamped viz. electronic Stamp Duty. (In Case Notary Seal is required, we reach out Next to Advocate / Jury Office)

    Customer's Document is Ready. :) Next Rental-Agreement.In Couriers it at the Mailing Address.

  • 10. How should Customer know about Status of Document ?
  • Ans. Mostly not required. You will be updated about Status through Emails. If somehow it's Missing, Drop us Email. Still if Urgent, Reach out to Vinayaka Enterprises through Phone / Physically. Please do keep your Document ID# handy, before calling.