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Muni Reddy Narahari

Legal Body (M.A., LLB)

Muni Reddy Narahari is Legal head for Online Legal Associates. Mr. Narahari has worked in.and has been practicing Legal consultancy since 15 years.

Anamika Barnwal

Backend Expert

She loves helping people, making their life more convinient. She has been working into Customer service for more than 6 yrs towards enhancing customer experience.

Raj Kumar

Managing Head - Delhi

Raj has been into professional field for more than 6 years with vast experience into teaching, Video scripting. He loves interacting with people with focus on solutions. Positivity and Smiles is all he care about.


Code Expert

Nitesh is a code lover. He has been the sole owner for changing the user experience for RentalAgreement.in, and on process to bring life to many other websites.

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B. M. Chandrashekhar

Advocate and Notary Public

There is no problem in going online with rental agreement. This is going to solve many problems for a busy person.

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