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Stamp Paper & Genuineness of Stamp Paper.

Few things you need to know about Stamp Paper:

There are two kinds of stamp papers, judicial (court fee) stamp and Non-Judicial Stamp paper. The judicial stamp papers are used for court fees. The non-judicial stamp papers are being sold by the Government through stamp vendors. They are under the control of the Registration Department.

The genuineness of a stamp paper can be seen through distinctive features.
features like Ashoka Pillar, four-headed lion emblem with the words “India Non- Judicial” in English and the words Satyameva Jayathe in Hindi. It also bears the water mark and security code parallel to the stamp paper. The water mark will be visible if transparent tracing paper is placed on the stamp paper.

It is the duty of the stamp vendor to affix his seal and licence number with the year of appointment and serial number, along with the name and place of the buyer. The stamp papers are printed at the security press, Nasik and Hyderabad of various denominations ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 25,000. The impressed stamps or adhesive stamps are used in transaction of properties. Impressed stamps include labels affixed and impressed by the officers authorised by the Government and stamps embossed or engraved on stamp paper.

Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957 has been amended with effect from April 1, 1999, providing for the payment of stamp duty by DD / Pay Order or Challan as measure to prevent the circulation of fake papers. (Section 10A of the Karnataka Stamp Act,1957).

Courtesy: Indian Real Estate Board -> Real Estate Fundamentals